Since 1989 La Perlita Restaurant has been owned and operated by the Tun Pech family.

Tun and Pech are Mayan names. They surely speak of a direct connection to tradition, and to a style of cooking passed down through generations.

In 1989 fisherman, Felipe Tun opened a fishmarket on Calle 10 as a way to sell his daily catch. Back then, area residents bought his fish uncooked or fried for take-out. The fishing was good and the business grew steadily. A few years later, bowing to popular demand, the family opened La Perlita Pescadería y Cocktelería, next door to the original fishmarket. The customers could now buy fish to go, or sit down and enjoy their seafood prepared in a variety of traditional dishes.

Today, La Perlita is run by the second generation of the family, still serving seafood that is as fresh as you can get. Still, in fact, delivered straight from the sea, every day to Felipe Tun's original fishmarket.


As fresh as our seafood is, the same can be said for the other items that end up on your plate. Many of the vegetables that we serve are grown here on the island at our family rancho. There, we live close to the earth. Our desire to contribute to a sustainable ecology leads us to practice a number of organic gardening and composting techniques. We make our own organic fertilizer (with the help of the bunch of California Red worms). Even the eggs that we serve for breakfast come fresh daily from our hens.

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